Beach Portable Net Kit Hex Poles


Complete portable net kit ready for use on the beach.

Choose only if you want official or rope lines and what antennas colour you wish.

If you come to pickup you court to Maroubra, we will discount it by $50.

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Complete portable net kit ready for use on the beach.



Volleyball Net 9.5m × 1m

  • official size of beach volleyball net where the game is 2 on 2 players
  • usually black colour

Hexanganol with button

  • hexanganol shape
  • 1 pole consists of 3 pieces
  • storage: pole parts slide in

Net Tensioners - 1 fixed, 1 flexible

  • ropes that keep net tensioned
  • fixed lenght for one side and flexible for the other side

4 sand anchors with handle for quick release

  • anchors keeps net tensioners in the sand
  • have handle to be easily taken out of the sand 


Volleyball Bounderies Lines 8m × 8m

  • used to set the bounderies of the volleyball field.
  • made of fabric.
  • official size of beach volleyball court.
  • actual lines are a rectangle of 16m × 8m, which means each side of the court is 8m × 8m.
  • lines width is 50mm or ropes according to selection.
  • official lines lines (50mm) - official size for games.
  • rope lines (5-7mm) - easier to set up and pack up; lighter; suitable for recreational games.

Line Sand anchors

  • used to keep lines straight on the sand.
  • can be used with both types of lines.


Antennas are the sticks you see on each side of a net and above. They help players to understand where the bounderies on the ground are. In official competitiones antennas are required for both indoor and beach volleyball courts.

  • blue, white or black antennas sleeve.
  • antenna stick is striped red and white. 


  • used for digging in sand anchors on the beach

Carry bag

  • bag for the whole portable net kit.
  • very handy if you want to move or store your court.
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