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How To Get Volleyball Ready, The Volleyball Outfit Checklist

The invention of volleyball dates back to 1895 when William G. Morgan in Massachusetts decided to develop a less arduous sport compared to basketball. It was called “Mintonette”, but soon was renamed when a local professor noted that the ball volleyed over the net. However, it gained popularity when it debuted in 1964’s Olympics. Today, Volleyball is played daily all around the world, from amatuer to professional level including:

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Indoor Volleyball

  • Outdoor Volleyball

  • Kids & Junior Volleyball

So, what do you need to pack when you’re off to play a volleyball match?

Volleyball has gained popularity over time with more and more people wanting to learn to play, both professionally and as a hobby. Irrespective of the reason, a proper outfit is a must when playing the game. 

Volleyball Clothes:
Outfits or dress codes play a crucial role in any sport including volleyball. By wearing correct sportswear, you will not only feel comfortable but will also be able to perform better. For volleyball, the major requirements of 
volleyball include:

Volleyball Shorts or Pants: 
Shorts or pants for a volleyball match must be extremely comfortable. They should allow free movement without any restriction. When buying volleyball shorts, you must take into consideration the material, the stretch, fabric yarn and the option for customization.

Volleyball Tops & Hoodies
The selection of T-shirts or hoodies (depending on the season) as a part of volleyball outfits can depend on whether the game is played inside or outside. T-shirts can range from classic sleeveless to long-sleeved. You must take into consideration similar aspects as your shorts including stretch and flexibility, the fabric and the type of t-shirt for the location you’ll be playing. Hoodies can be simply for outdoor ‘wind breakers’ or to keep you warm for play in the winter time.

Volleyball Shoes:  
Shoes are a crucial part of a Volleyball outfit. Volleyball shoes with a gum rubber sole allow players to have great traction and a solid footing. The middle sole can be made of foam, gel or air cushions creating flexibility yet providing great support. The upper section is the nylon or mesh material, designed to be lightweight and breathable to help reduce moisture and keep your feet cool. Your volleyball shoes should fit snugly with your foot not moving inside. We stock means volleyball shoes & women's volleyball shoes, From Mizuna, Adidas, Wave Lightening & more brands, we’ve got you covered.

Also Don’t Forget…If you love playing indoor beach volleyball or you are training at the beach, you need to carry:

Beach Volleyball Socks:
Some of the factors you should look out for include sand resistance, sole paddings and heat conservation. Specialised
beach volleyball socks provide added protection and comfort for the player in hot, cold and abrasive conditions.

A Volleyball! 
Make sure to include the above items to make the most of your volleyball game.

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