Beach Volleyball

How To Play Volleyball & What Do You Need To Play?

Volleyball is a popular team sport played using a ball and a net. The game is simple enough, although there are quite a few rules. There are two teams with 6 players playing on each side of a net. One team is supposed to hit the ball over the net towards the other team but within the bounds of the team’s area. The other team sends the ball back and is given 3 tries to do so without the ball touching the ground. If the ball does touch the ground, the other team is given a point. There are two major types of competitive volleyball – team indoor volleyball is played inside on a hard court with 6 players on each side. Beach volleyball is played on sand with only 2 players on each side. There is also recreational volleyball which can be played by anyone, anywhere. The sport is fun to play, especially on the beach with your friends and family.

What You Need - Equipment
To play volleyball at a professional level, you can get special volleyball shoes, volleyball clothes & equipment to enhance performance but for a simple game, you will really only need the following:

A volleyball

A net

The type of net needed depends on whether you are playing with friends in your backyard or competitively. You may also need a volleyball cart to safely place all the volleyballs needed for the game. To prevent ending up with a flat ball, you would need a volleyball pump and the needles to use with the pump to inflate the ball.

To step it up from there - Attire
The volleyball clothes you wear can differ from the type of game you play.

Team Volleyball or Indoor Volleyball
When volleyball is played competitively indoors, players usually wear their respective team jerseys that feature their player number, team name, and maybe a team sponsor’s insignia. For women, it may mean t-shirts and Lycra shorts. For men, it may mean t-shirts with or without sleeves and volleyball shorts. For footwear, professional players wear sneakers specifically designed for volleyball.

Beach Volleyball
Beach volleyball is played on sand so it’s usually played on a beach or as indoor beach volleyball where players play on what can be described as an extra-large sandbox. Due to sand, players typically wear beachwear like bathing suits. Most female beach volleyball players prefer bikinis while the men usually wear tank tops and shorts. Unless specified, all players are barefoot.

Recreational Volleyball 
Since recreational volleyball is played informally among friends, there are no set rules. Players can wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing as long as the clothes do not restrict body movements. You may wear t-shirts and volleyball shorts if you prefer. Whether played competitively or as a fun recreational activity, volleyball is exciting and a sport that is loved in Australia, which is no surprise since we are surrounded by wonderful beaches.

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