The Must-Haves For Organising A Volleyball Game

The Must-Haves For Organising A Volleyball Game

Even in winter, it’s still a good time to go outside and sweat it out. However, whether you are going away for a beach holiday, arranging an at-home garden get-together, or a fun winter indoor tournament, volleyball is a game that will lift the blues! If you have not yet stocked up on the game supplies, here is what you need to know.

For Beach Volleyball
The must-haves for a fun-filled beach volleyball game would include:
  • Proper volleyball net and setup. There is nothing worse than a net that constantly loses tension, even worse if you can’t even put it up straight and firm. The option for permanent nets are additional rubber straps like these Volleyball nets or Portable nets (specially on sand) need strong straps or ropes that can handle even more pressure because the posts are not fixed in the sand. Be sure to use strong ropes with ratchets with metal inner parts.
  • The right volleyball. Not all volleyballs were created equal & it’s important to get it right. For example, even when you’re only thinking about beach volleyball, there are different balls for kids and adults. You need to have age-appropriate ball to play volleyball (this needs no explanation). No matter the type of court you are playing in, it always helps to have lightweight yet durable products made with the right finish for the type of game. Our full range of volleyballs include mikasa volleyballs, molten volleyballs & more.
  • Additional equipment that helps setup and storage. There are small features and additional equipment that can make your life much easier. For example, instead of carrying the whole net kit piece by piece a net bag comes really handy. And if it’s big enough you can fit even a volleyball inside. Another helpful piece of equipment would be a boundary lines reel that keeps your packing lines organised and ready for easy and fast set up every time.

For Indoor Volleyball
Indoor volleyball is played with 6 players on either side so the court needs to be slightly bigger compared to beach volleyball played 2 on 2. This means the net for indoor volleyball is longer.
Are you looking for perfect setup?
  • Check out our Volleyball Nets: Each sport venue for volleyball games should have its own post for hanging the net and most likely the net as well. In case this isn’t there, you will need to look for a net that fits the poles system.
  • Antenna: this piece is considered to be part of the net according to the rules but it’s sold separately. It’s required for official volleyball games but not necessary for social games. If used, antennas are attached to the net and above each side line so they are needed in part. The point of this equipment is to help players locate the boundary lines while looking upward or being in the air and it also sets a rule that ball has to pass the net between those sticks without touching them.
  • A good quality Volleyball that meets the players level and age.
  • A volleyball bag to keep it all in.

For Outdoor / Grass Volleyball
First question is where you are going to play. Is it an official pitch or just a park field, garden or backyard. In the first case you might only need a net as posts are usually part of the venue equipment. In the second case you will need to get the full net kit. There are many of them on the market and it depends if you want to spend a little bit more and get a durable heavy duty grass net kit solution or go for a budget supermarket option with certain limitations.
Also boundary lines are often questioned. You can use beach volleyball lines or the same style with indoor volleyball court dimensions to have a bigger field. The second option which is safer for kids is using a colour spray. You won’t get the line as accurate and straight as fabric lines but for children it is a safer variant which avoids tripping over.

Volleyball Clothes
The volleyball clothes you choose for volleyball games need to be comfortable. Several online sportswear companies offer sports clothes but we are volleyball specialists & offer an array of tees and volleyball shorts, shirts & volleyball shoes. It matters because you need to consider:
  • Shorts which are designed uniquely and individually for men and women, especially volleyball.
  • Outfit sets are versatile enough for training sessions and use in different outdoor sports in addition to volleyball.
  • Different sizes of dress to fit users of every stature and age group.
  • Features like draw cord on the inside. It keeps the shorts secure while players run.
  • Materials, having shoes, beach socks or volleyball clothes made from the right materials for the ultimate volleyball performance.

Don’t Forget Volleyball Pumps, Trolleys & Carts

There are certain things that you may not think of until you really need it. For example:
  • Easy to use and lightweight volleyball pumps, nothing worse than a flat ball & no pump to sort it out.
  • Volleyball carts help to store several balls and their easy transportation during the game.
Take some time to research what you are buying as we have a vast range of brands and types of products available. But whatever type of volleyball you’re into, we have the supplies for you, check out our full range here.
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