Things You Must Do To Maintain Your Volleyball Balls

Things You Must Do To Maintain Your Volleyball Balls

When it comes to maintaining the quality and integrity of volleyball for long, people often emphasise buying a premium-graded volleyball by a reputable manufacturer that would stand the test of time. Even though shopping for the right volleyball is crucial, maintenance is important to preserve its quality and characteristics.

To help you, this guide will offer a complete overview of easy and simple tips to keep volleyball balls as good as new for years to come.
Without any further ado, let's get started!

Tips For Effective Maintenance of Volleyballs

Whether you own a brand new Molten volleyball, classic Mikasa volleyball, power-packed Wilson volleyball, or soft indoor Runleaps volleyball, certain essential tips must be considered for the best care. These are:

1. Proper Storage

Never leave the ball outdoors or inside the car, as this can negatively impact its quality. Store them at room temperature in an area that does not have sunlight (humid or hot) and is completely clean and dry. The idea is to avoid the contact of the volleyball with extreme conditions so that you can protect its lifespan.

In case you own more volleyball, the good practice would be to get a storage rack that will help you store all the volleyballs together in a protected environment in one place.

2. Right Method of Cleaning

Depending on the volleyball material, different methods of cleaning can be used. With a damp cloth dipped in warm water, gently wipe the ball to clean accumulated dirt and grime.

However, if you cannot clean the volleyball Mikasa using a damp cloth, add a few drops of diluted detergent and scrub out the dirty panels or stubborn stains using a toothbrush. Once done, rinse the detergent so that there are no suds left. Later wipe the ball dry with the help of a clean cloth and leave it to air dry in an open storage unit.

For leather beach volleyballs, apply leather conditioner onto the ball for much-needed shine and protection.

3. Inflating As Per Recommended Pressure

Inflate the volleyball according to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer like the brand Mikasa volleyball. It is important because volleyballs are designed in different sizes, each with a standard PSI (pounds per square inch) level aiding its effectiveness. Over-inflated balls would be hard, difficult to handle and cause bruises, while under-inflated balls are soft and may not bounce the way they should.

Bonus Tip: Taking Good Care of Volleyballs After You Use Them

When you play volleyball outdoors, dusty particles might get settled on the ball, and like other sports equipment or gear, your ball absorbs the particles and odour too. To prevent this, always dry-wipe volleyballs with a clean cloth and store them in a ventilated space to keep the accumulated odour at bay.


The above maintenance tips & tricks are all you need to actively use your favourite volleyball balls while keeping them in their best condition.

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