Volleyball Nets; The Essential Piece Of Equipment To Play Volleyball

Volleyball Nets; The Essential Piece Of Equipment To Play Volleyball

Volleyball is an entertaining and rewarding sport that has drawn people of all ages and backgrounds to it. It can be played as a casual relaxed post-swim game or a high-level indoor competition. It encourages teamwork and also promotes the physical and mental health of the players. Just as in other sports, volleyball necessitates the fulfilment of certain safety rules, when it comes to the equipment used in the sport.
Volleyball Net- Essential to the game
A volleyball net is essential to play Volleyball. A volleyball net has several functions to fulfil and that's why quality is essential when purchasing one.

Aspects to Consider During Your Purchase

  • Whether the volleyball net will be used outdoors or indoors
  • Do you need a portable volleyball net, or is it going to be an in-ground one
  • The budget you can allocate for it
  • The amount of space available to play the game
  • The purpose intended- whether it is for practice sessions or competition games

Types of Volleyball Nets

There are two kinds of volleyball nets depending on whether to be used for indoor or outdoor games. The nets have few dissimilarities between them. However, they have a different setup altogether. Accordingly, you have two kinds:
  • Indoor volleyball nets 
  • Outdoor volleyball nets 
You can also make the distinction as a permanent in-ground volleyball net or a portable volleyball net. A portable volleyball net is one where the net can be folded and rolled away when not needed. Indoor volleyball nets usually are portable. 
Many recreational volleyball systems have permanent in-ground nets though some use semi-permanent with detachable posts. Some of them also go for the portable variety. Each volleyball net variety has its pros and cons. You need to choose the one depending on whether it is to be used for beach volleyball or indoor volleyball.

Beach Volleyball v/s Indoor Volleyball

The game basics of beach volleyball and indoor volleyball remain the same despite the differences in the surface. However, some differences do exist between the two. These differences are regarding the following aspects:
  • Court dimensions
  • Number of players
  • Scoring system
  • Frequency of switching sides
  • Setting rules
  • Clothing rules
As for the similarity between the two, the height of beach volleyball nets is the same as that of indoor volleyball nets. 

What is Indoor Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball has all along been associated with the outdoors. However, the trend of playing indoor beach volleyball is gradually rising today. The popularity is increasing in those areas witnessing long winters, making it difficult for residents to indulge in outdoor play. Indoor beach volleyball is also known as sand volleyball, and though it is pretty expensive to build such courts, but still the trend is on the rise.

The thing to remember is that whatever the surface on which the game is played, volleyball is a game of strategy, teamwork, execution of varied skills, and intensity and is loved by people of all ages. The game is incomplete without a volleyball net!
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