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VINE - Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottle - 750ml



Rich smooth reds... crisp refreshing whites... bright flavorful rosés... wine complements every occasion.

Sometimes referred to as a wine growler, the VINE holds a full 750ml wine bottle. The VINE's sleek and elegant design makes it the perfect travel companion for your next beach party, dinner party, picnic, BBQ or visit to your local winery and frees you from carrying a breakable glass bottle or pouring wine from a cardboard box.

Eco Vessel's signature TriMax Triple insulation Technology keeps your wine at just the right temperature for up to an amazing 36 hours, ensuring your first sip will be as satisfying as your last. Enjoy your drink the way it was intended - any wine, anytime, anywhere. With its sophisticated packaging and included funnel and brush, VINE makes for a uniquely special and attractive gift.