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Adidas Mini Foam Roller

Adidas Mini Foam Roller

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Compact and lightweight, the mini roller targets tight tissue with focussed pressure; increasing mobility and accelerating recovery. The raised bobbled texture also massages the muscles, promoting blood flow and releasing tense tissue.

RELIEVE ACHES & PAINS - Built to release tight tissue, the adidas Massage Roller targets aches and pains with broad yet concentrated pressure.

GROOVED MASSAGE BALLS - The roller‚Äôs seven rotating balls have a grooved texture for effective treatment across a larger surface area.

FOCUSSED PRESSURE - Ideal for the larger muscle groups, the roller is also fit for more focussed massage; allowing you to enhance each workout both pre and post-session.

FOAM HANDLES - With fluted foam handles, the roller is both easy on the hands and durable.

  • Bobbled texture helps massage muscle and promote blood flow
  • Compact size helps target tightness with focussed pressure
  • Dense foam retains shape
  • Helps ease muscle discomfort and increase mobility
  • Lightweight and compact - travel friendly
  • Targets tightness to help release tension and accelerate recovery
  • 18 x 8 x 8cm