Wave Momentum 2 NB Womens - Clearwater / White

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Powerful players seeking maximum shock absorption & stability. Best suited to circle players who are constantly jumping & landing, or those seeking maximum cushioning.

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The Power of cushioning. Play your best netball game from the start whilstle to the finish with this shoe's unprecedented comfort and cushioning. Outstanding features include MIZUNO ENERZY for enhanced cushioning and resilience, Mizuno Wave for stability and cushioning at the heel, and the new eyelet structure for optimal fit and less stress. This shoe has to be tried to be believed, the most comfortable netball shoe in the range.



Weight: 290g

Color: Clearwater / White



Literally Stable: Important when landing and pivoting the fully flat sole design, outrigger sole, and midsole side wall design provide the stability required on the court.

Lightweight: The lightweight and comfortable fit is achieved via the new upper that envelops the entire foot through the bootie construction.

Durable: New eyelet structure, reduces the stress when the shoe bends also supporting your optimal fit.


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Manufacturer Mizuno
Product Text Color #FF0000
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