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Mikasa V300W Indoor Volleyball - FIVB Approved

Mikasa V300W Indoor Volleyball - FIVB Approved

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The Mikasa V300W is a powerful performance indoor volleyball ball. It’s marked as an official ball for all Volleyball Australia competitions, used by FIVB and AVF.

Perfectly balanced 18 Panel aerodynamically designed construction, single dimpled surface to minimize the air resistance and to maximize the grip power of the ball surface, the SINGLE DIMPLE technology is applied. To bring out the best performance Original Microfiber + PU material co-developed by Mikasa and Kuraray to create the highest quality volleyball with anti-sweat functionality.

The iconic Mikasa blue and yellow stands out and makes it easy to see in a high intensity game. Second only to the Mikasa V200W.

This ball is known for it's durability.


  • Size: 65-67cm (Circumference)
  • Weight: 260-280g
  • Material: Super Composite Cover
  • Construction: Laminated
  • Featuring: Single Dimple Surface
  • Manufacturer: Mikasa
  • Use: Indoor
  • Category: Adults
  • Level: Championship   

What is the difference between Mikasa V200W and V300W?

Both are great balls and are used by professionals and there shouldn't be much difference during the game. There is a slight price difference and most clubs consider this when ordering in bulk. V200W is the latest ball and the only difference lies in small amendments to the design. The only real difference consists of double dimples vs single dimple surface which affects how slippery the ball is and subsequently affects ball control. Some players say that V200W is softer than V300W. Others say V300W is more durable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Linda C
Very good quality

My daughter likes it very much.

Sarah Ardona

Ball was good and fine, but according to my sons it was not inflated in the correct pressure. Also I ordered as express delivery pay extra still arrived a week! Representative didn’t even reply to my query about express delivery. Hope it will improve not just to sell but to answer queries of customers and give the correct service. Thank you

Kirsty Mackinnon
Just perfect and top value


Amy Fermalin
Quality product & tailored service

Product is great, as expected.
Customer service was excellent, went above and beyond to ensure availability for pick up. Thank you so much!


The ball has a wonderful, supple material that plays nicely and gives good grip. Thanks!