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Beach Neoprene Sand Socks by (Lined)

Beach Neoprene Sand Socks by (Lined)

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Neoprene Sand Socks are perfect for cold weather, keeping your feet warm with neoprene material and a Tech lining to help keep your toes cozy.

Includes a hard wearing non-slip coating on the soul for safety and to prolong the life of the sock.

Ideal for winter sports and outdoor activities.

See our size chart for the best fit.

Size Euro Mens US Womens US
XS 35-36.5 3.5-5 5-6.5
S 36.5-38 5-6.5 6.5-8
M 38-40.5 6.5-8 8-9.5
L 40.5-43.5 8-10.5 9.5-12
XL 43.5-48 10.5-13.5 12-15