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Speed Rope

Speed Rope

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The Hart Speed Rope is an extra light weight speed rope built to last and perfect for double unders. Adjustable length with metal ball bearing for extra fast rotations.

  • PVC coated steel wire cable
  • Lightweight plastic handles
  • Length adjustable up to 3m
  • ball bearings
  • Ropes with bearings are ideal for commercial and high frequency use such as gyms and studios.

What size jump rope do I need?

The best length for a skipping rope is when the user can stand on the middle of the rope with both feet and the handles come under the armpits.

Rope Length User Height
1.8m Up to 140cm
2.1m 140cm to 150cm
2.4m 150cm to 160cm
2.7m 160cm to 180cm
3.0m Over 180cm