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Wilson OPTX AVP Game Volleyball

Wilson OPTX AVP Game Volleyball

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The best players on the beach are always one step ahead. When you can read and react to where the game is going, you can be too. The breakthrough design of the OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball brings a whole new visual approach to the beach. New VST™ (visual spin technology) uses strategic color variance to enhance the human eye’s ability to detect spin on the ball. A vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics allow the ball to be more easily tracked in the diverse environments of beach volleyball, like clouds, sky, sand, water, and crowds. Using the same construction as the original AVP game ball, you can expect the same signature Wilson performance. With the OPTX AVP Volleyball, you’ll see the game like never before.



  • ENHANCED BALL TRACKING: The vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics allow for better ball tracking in the dynamic and diverse environments of beach volleyball
  • SUPERIOR SPIN DETECTION: VST™ uses color variance to allow easier spin detection, so you can read and react to where the game is going
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The same hand-crafted construction that Wilson 's AVP volleyball is known for keeps a consistent shape and feel of the ball on every touch
  • BUILT FOR THE BEACH: The AVP OPTX was designed specifically for the beach game and its players, re-imagining what a beach volleyball should look like
  • AVP OFFICIAL: Play what the pros play and own the beach with the official ball of the AVP



Cover Construction : Premium Microfiber Composite Leather

Ball Size : Official

Color : Yellow / Black

Ball Play Surface : Beach